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    Dream it. We'll build it!

    Building a website is challenging for everyone and also for me

    That is why together we can build you the website you want

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    Break It. We can fix it!

    Computer virus removed and cleaned

    Repaired online or mailed-in

    We listen to you and work with you

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    HTML5 and CSS3 code for easy use

    Super clean code search engines will love

    Pages load quickly, without bottlenecks

    Easy to use templates for fast modification

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    Unlocking your business

    We follow your explanations

    Powerful website your way

    Website looks stunning on multiple devices

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    Your Computer Repair Specialist

    Collaborating with your website ideas

    Trustworthy with your computer repairs



KodaWeb is just not happy being satisfactory;    We chose to be exceptionally extraordinarily.

Our Focus

We are more than a group of passionate web professionals. KodaWeb is unique. We focus on delivering solutions that are as simple as they can be and no simpler. That’s the balance. Yes, we can do bells and whistles and charge you for it, but that’s not the our aim. We focus on the things that keep customers coming back time and time again.

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Building Trust by Providing Quality

When you need our help, KodaWeb will be there for you! No waiting days or weeks for a returned answered or email. No wondering if your request has been received. We will respond to your request in a timely manner, and return an answer that meets your needs.

Affordable Repairs

No repairs are affordable but here at KoaWeb we like to help out as much as possible. First we offered free phone-in-advise, even before you have any repairs done. With that said; we can still say that your out-of pocket cost will be less than most competitors. That is because we stay small and have no over head cost, fast in fast out.

The Meshing Process

Building websites and repairing computers came in stages, before KodaWeb: we had a good client-tell repairing computers. Then we needed remote access to computers, and we needed a place for a download link. We made a website, and realized we liked making them. KodaWeb was then established and we have not stop learning or growing.

Lightweight Design

Building websites is a very complicated process, a language that looks so forging that most don’t want to learn and here at KodaWeb we too agree it is very hard understand, so we believe that to keep cost down why not buy fast loading templates and manipulate them to fit the need of the client. This way we keep cost down and everyone benefits.

Powerful Platforms

Each website built by KodaWeb is tailored made to meet the needs of the client, using the most up to date code available and delivering their company in a powerful way. We accomplish this objective by listening to the needs and the requests each company has. That’s why each website is exclusively tailored to the individual company.

Multipurpose Websites

Nobody builds a signal purpose website and KodaWeb is no different. We build to suite, it is all about the client and their need. But up front We will tell you that you pay for what you get, you want social media icons-done, want e-commerce with PayPal-done, need security upload download etc. We can do it all, “Dream it. We’ll build it.”


KodaWeb keeping up with the fast pacing Internet-ability.
Having a company out there that is reliable and dependable in a fast-pace world is unique, and I am glad I found you. Thank you for all you do.

F. Widener
Beverly Hills, FL

About Us

Driven by a passion for perfection and a commitment to doing it right.

Who We Are

We are more than a group of passionate web professionals. We are unique. We focus on delivering solutions that are as simple as they can be and no simpler. That’s the balance. Yes, we can do bells and whistles but that’s not the aim. We focus on the things that keep customers coming back time and time again.

Our Creative Process


    Listen to your specific website requirements


    First design for client's' evaluation


    Receive approval on finial website design


    Activate and upload website to the internet

Our Skills


HTML / CSS :: 51%




Our Approach

Our Mission

KodaWeb’s goal is to design and develop the website you want. To repair your computer to the best of our ability. Our commitment is to listen to how you want the website designed and to produce your vision in a website. If we fail to achieve the design you desire or do not have your computer repaired within the first 6 months, we’ll give you a full refund.

Our Philosophy

Every new customer is a potential lifelong customer. Together we produce more than a website or repair a computer. We build a working relationship that shares the responsibility of maintaining and updating the final web design. Likewise, when we repair your computer we are there to help you if future problems arise.

Our Commitment to You

Whether we build your website or repair your computer, KodaWeb is there for the long haul. We promise to listen to your needs as well as your computer problems and work with you to accomplish the final outcome you desire. KodaWeb quotes “Dream it! We will build it. Break it! We can fix it.”


KodaWeb is capable of repairing computers by internet or mailing computers into the company.

computer repair-help
Remote Access With TeamViwer
Peter Calleder Computer Repair
Your Computer Repaired By Us
Daniel Awaiting On-Call Operator



Our client base is growing all the time. We have delivered results for clients and they keep coming back. That’s the advantage of being driven by results rather than profit.                    We are blessed


Have a look at some of the websites we’ve done for our very happy clients.



See what some of our clients have said
about working with us.


We value each and every one of our clients, and strive to keep them happy.

Praise from Our Happy Clients

Your ability to understand the needs of my company is extraordinary, the way you implemented this cool website is amazing. We love having the clock as our screen and the one click icons for our services. Thanks again.

Stanley Mason :: Watch Medic

Praise the Lord for your talents and desire to please God, Trinity Church thanks you for your commitment of the weekly sermon; editing it and getting it on line. Updating the bulletin every week and implementing changes as they arise. We thank you immensely.

Senior Pastor Terry Roberts :: Trinity Church

WOW, what a great job you did for us! The knack you have in understanding our vision and the ability to produce a website with it is truly amazing. Thank you for getting us on the World Wide Web.

Pat Callahan :: Heritage Custom Windows

KodaWeb built us a website that is so easy to maintain; we are able to do our own updates. Though we never worked on a website you make it easy for us, thank you for the continual help that we are always asking for.

Chuck Miner :: Miner Heating & A/C

A Few of Our Happy Clients


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